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Thuthi Rice Powder(Abutilon indicum)

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Thuthi (Abitulan Indicum) is termed as Athi Pala as it strengthens muscles. This was used as part of meal in Tamilnadu in ancient days. It is a wonder green plant which works as remedy for multiple problems related to Skin acne, Digestive disorders , long term piles/hemorrhoids, Heal Cracks.

Its best consumed with a spoonful of Green N Glow Sesame oil or Pure A2 Ghee on rice, pasta, or any meal.

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Millets,Dal,Cumin Seeds,Black Pepper,Curry Kleaves


Start your day with the nutritional explosion of millets and pulses
Particularly beneficial for diabetics since it does not contain rice
Get hot and crisp dosas ready in just 10 mints
100% natural preservative-free home made

Cooking Instructions

Add 3 cup of water to 1 cup of mix
Add salt as per requirement
Cook in a pan for 10 to 15 mins or 3 whistle in cooker
For delicious pongal add cashew & ghee as per your requirement


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