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Kambu Malt(Pearl Millet Porridge Mix)

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Pearl Millet is commonly used millet in India.  In ancient days, people used to eat Pearl Millet food and lived healthily for a long time. Pearl Millet porridge mix gives the benefit to make it either as a sweeter or spicy version. If cooked and kept overnight in mud pot and having it with small onions in a great source of  B12!

To take it as a sweet porridge cook and add pure cane sugar/jaggery.

No preservatives added.

Additional information

Weight 250 kg



Pearl Millet


Start your day with the nutritional explosion of millets and pulses
Particularly beneficial for diabetics.
Get hot porridge in 10 mins or take as healthy warm drink
100% natural , preservative-free , home made

Cooking Instructions

Add 1 cup of water to 2 Teaspoon of mix
Add salt or sugar as per requirement
Cook in a pan for 10 to 15 mins


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