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Coconut Flakes

$ 5.65

Coconut Flakes can be used in making sweets, burfies, Savouries, cakes & for Chutney Making .This coconut flake made through natural processing helps people of all age group to get its benefits.

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Elanda Vadai

$ 3.61

Its made with seasonal fruit Elandai/Jujubi which is an excellent appetite stimulant. The fruits are sun dried and added with natural ingradients to enhance the taste.

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Herbal Candy(100% Natural, No GMO)

$ 4.62

Inji Marappa is a traditional sweet in Tamilnadu consumed since decades to improve digestion.our herbal candy is added with still more herbs with organic cane sugar to regulate the digestive system more effectively. The natural herbal grocery ingredients added here will provide you more attractive flavour to taste.


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Honey Balls

$ 1.96

Honey Balls (Thaen Mittai) is small and round in shape with a luscious red colour with silvery dots on the top.

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Kovai Kammar Kattu

$ 1.96

It is reminiscent of one’s childhood Day’s. Made with Purely natural and healthy Ingredients in traditional way. No artificial ingredients or preservatives added

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Coconut Milk Powder(Organic, No GMO, Gluten Free)

$ 2.77

Coconut Milk Powder can be used in making sweets, Savouries, cakes .This is made from 100% organic coconuts through natural processing to help people of all age group to get its benefits.

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Kothagiri Filter Coffee

$ 8.80

Coffee bean grown from Kothagiri, The Nilgiris which is known as Queen of Hills in India. This district long association to tea and coffee plantations grown by local people including tribal communities,

Kothagiri Filter coffee gives perfect blend and taste. It comes with 80% coffee and 20% chicory

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Thooyamalli Sweet Pongal Pack

$ 14.60

In South India Pongal / Shankrathi is the harvest festival. As a sign of thanking sun god this is celebrated. Making of sweet pongal and offering it has been in tradition for centuries. This pack contains traditional rice Thooyamalli which known for strengthening nervous system. This appears like a regular white ponni rice and gets cooked quickly also.

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Turmeric Golden Coconut Milk Powder(Organic, No GMO, Gluten Free)

$ 15.49

Turmeric Golden Coconut milk is a healthy product that uses turmeric in combination with ingredients like coconut milk and black pepper. A creamy, warm drink can be made when mixed with hot water. It is considered to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits as turmeric, pepper and coconut has those properties.

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