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Banana Chips(Premium Quality)

$ 8.80

Nendram Banana is variety of banana that provides wholesome nutrition for kids and adults. These banana chips are of premium quality. They are fried in no-reuse coconut oil with natural ingredients such as organic turmeric powder, sea salt to make a perfect anytime snack.

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Coconut Milk Spirals(ThengaPaal Murukku)

$ 5.87

Coconut milk spirals is a delicious snack made during festival seasons . This crispy Spirals will have nice flavor of coconut milk. A tasty and traditional snack for anyone enjoy .

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Elanda Vadai

$ 3.61

Its made with seasonal fruit Elandai/Jujubi which is an excellent appetite stimulant. The fruits are sun dried and added with natural ingradients to enhance the taste.

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FoxTail Millet Fritters(Thinai Adhirasam)

$ 8.65

Foxtail Millet Fritters are healthy sweets carrying benefits of being made in foxtail millet and jaggery. Its healthy and tasty sweet and excellent source of iron and essential nutrition for growing children. It carries benefits of foxtail millet such as controls diabetes as it has high fiber strengthen bone muscle.

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Herbal Candy(100% Natural, No GMO)

$ 4.62

Inji Marappa is a traditional sweet in Tamilnadu consumed since decades to improve digestion.our herbal candy is added with still more herbs with organic cane sugar to regulate the digestive system more effectively. The natural herbal grocery ingredients added here will provide you more attractive flavour to taste.


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Home Made Country Peanut Balls(Kadalai Urundai)

$ 7.65

Home Made Country Peanut Balls(Kaladai Urundai) Groundnut or Peanut is known as poorman’s almond as it has loads of protein content, healthy

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Honey Balls

$ 1.96

Honey Balls (Thaen Mittai) is small and round in shape with a luscious red colour with silvery dots on the top.

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Jack Fruit Chips

$ 8.80

Jackfruit Chips is one of the famous snack foods in South India, This is made by deep frying half-ripe  jackfruit in coconut oil. This is a yummy, crispy and healthy snack, which can be stored in air-tight containers to maintain its freshness.

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Kaara Boondi(Spicy Boondi)

$ 6.40

Boondi is everyone’s favourite in India. It’s a spicy snack with goodness of cashew nuts, pea nuts, curry leaves. Its simple yet perfectly suitable for anytime of the day. Good to have as a snack or part of meal as Boondi raitha which goes well with Chapathi, Rotis and Variety rice.

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Kaara Pori(Spicy Puffed Rice)

$ 6.21

Its a traditional classic savory from home makers. Generally made available at home as anytime snack with tea.

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Karuppu Kavuni Laddu

$ 9.90

Home Made Millet Dates Laddu Karuppu Kavuni Riceare excellent source of calcium and easily digestible protein. Adding  Dates to the Laddu gives

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Kovai Kammar Kattu

$ 1.96

It is reminiscent of one’s childhood Day’s. Made with Purely natural and healthy Ingredients in traditional way. No artificial ingredients or preservatives added

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Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai

$ 6.08

Kadalai Mittai (Groundnut Chikki Candy). Chikki sweet is a traditional Indian sweet (brittle) generally made from peanuts and jaggery. There are several different varieties of chikki in addition to the most common groundnut (peanut) chikki. One of the tastiest candy from Kovilpatti.
Kadalai mittai or peanut candy in english is the most nutritious snack for both kids and elders. As we all know peanut or Kadalai is a very rich source of protein. Any nuts for that matter is rich protein source. But the issue lies in their accumulation of pitham. With more intake of nuts our body pitham will start increasing which leads to imbalance in our body and cause various diseases.
As jaggery or vellam (in tamil) can suppress the pitham kadalai mittai becomes a perfect protein source with no side effects.
Kadalaimittai or peanut candy from Tamilnadu are made of kadalai (peanut) and Jaggery.
So with this combination, Kadalai Mittai becomes a candy with high Protein, Iron and Selenium content.

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Madurai Sesame Sweet Balls(Ragi Puttu Kattiya Ellu Urundai)

$ 9.50

Home Made Ragi Puttu Kattiya Ellu Urundai

Finger Millet(Ragi) is a wonder Millet with is rich in nutrition. Ragi Puttu is common breakfast in many South Indian home. Sesame and Ragi makes it tasty supplement to take it as an any time snack.To enhance the flavour cardamom, dry ginger with Pure cane jaggery added. No artificial substance or preservatives added.

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Mappilai Samba Muruku

$ 5.87

Mapillai Samba Muruku is a variety of rice spiral that carries all the benefits of Groom Rice(Mapillai Samba).

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Masala Nuts

$ 6.51

Peanut Masala or Masala Groundnut is a spicy and crunchy, chickpea flour coated and fried peanuts which serves as fabulous tea-time snacks.

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Millet Dates Laddu

$ 11.50

Home Made Millet Dates Laddu Finger millet and Foxtail millet are excellent source of calcium and easily digestible protein. Adding  Dates to

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Millet Laddu

$ 9.50

Home Made Protein & Millet Laddu Made at every home traditionally to take it on the go. This is made of Millets

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Millet Murukku

$ 6.08

Millet Murruku are very tasty and crispy snack. They carry benefits of being made with multiple millets which is really good for health.

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Ooty Varkey

$ 9.79

Ooty Varkey a classic tea time snack from traditional baking in Ooty to bring you the joy of real taste and flavor.

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